Thursday, November 28, 2013

Free Download Syncback full version

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SyncBack is used for backing up and synchronizing files to the same or different drives. SyncBack is use for all media including Compact Disk, DVD and Flash Zip drives even it allow for a remote server.
SyncBack is available in following three Versions:
  1. SyncBack Freeware,
  2. SyncBackSE (shareware).
  3. SyncBackPro (shareware).
You can backup and restore your all data and allow to protect your important data. SyncBack guides you all; how to backup and restore data. It has the feature of synchronization and you can at the same time synchronize with 2 and more systems or servers.
 Download syncback full version

Sekian Dulu Artikel Dari Saya Saya Ucapkan terima Kasih

download gratis syncback terbaru full version, free download syncback pro full verion
syncback gratis download


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Monday, November 25, 2013

Free Download Resident Evil 4 Full version+Crack Pc Game Rip

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Resident Evil 4 PC Game Recommended System Requirements:
OS: Windows XP/Windows Vista/Windows 7/Windows 98/Windows 2000
CPU: Pentium 4
Processor: 2.0GHz
RAM: 512 MB
HDD: 7000 MB free disk space
Graphics: 256MB
Sound Card: Windows compatible Sound Card
DirectX: Version 9.0
Mouse and Keyboard

Resident Evil 4 PC Game Information:
Resident Evil 4 PC Game is a action horror game. Resident evil 4 is forth game in the resident evil game series. Resident Evil 4 game release date is May 15, 2007. Resident evil 4 game develop by Capcom Production and Studio 4. Resident evil 4 game published by Capcom. Resident evil 4 director name is Shinji Mikami. Resident evil 4 designed by Toshita Kotani, Shigenori Nishikawa, Koji Kakae and Hiroshi Shibata. Resident evil 4 game genre is survival horror. In this game lot of action and lot of fun. this game best for your computer.

In resident evil 4 The player controls the protagonist Leon S. In resident evil 4 Kennedy from a third-person, over-the-shoulder perspective in a mission to rescue the daughter of the President of the United States, Ashley Graham. In resident evil 4 The gameplay focuses on action and shootouts involving crowds of enemies in large open areas. The camera is focused behind Leon, and it zooms in for an over-the-shoulder view when aiming a weapon. In resident evil 4 Unlike previous games in the series, there is the addition of a laser sight that adds a new depth to the aiming, allowing the player to aim in various directions and easily change their placement at any time. In resident evil 4 Bullets affect the enemies specifically where they are shot: shots to the feet can cause enemies to stumble, while shots to the arms can cause them to drop their weapons.
Residents evil 4 Screenshot:

How To Download
  1. First Click On Download
  2. Wait 5 Second to Load Add
  3. Click Skip Add On Top Right 
  4. Enjoy
Resident evil 4 Download
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Enjoy it
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Sunday, November 24, 2013

Free Download Subway Surfers Pc Game Full Version Rip

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System Requirement:
  • Processor: Pentium IV
  • Os: Window XP/Vista/7/8
  • Memory : 512 Mb Of Ram Or Highter
  • ^4 Bit Video Card or Highter
  • Harddisk 70 Mb Or Highter
Game Information:
Subway Surfers is a Arcade and Action Game. This game develop by Kiloo and Sybo Games. Subways Surfers 2012 Game is published by Kiloo. This game Distributor is Kiloo. Subway Surfers Platform is PC, Android and IOS. subway surfers Release date is 2012. This game is big game and best game of all time. In this game got single player mode. The objective of this game is to run as far as possible in a endless game world by avoiding randomly generated obstacles that require the player to either jump (slide finger forward), duck (slide finger backwards) and dodge the oncoming trains in a precise manner.  
Game History:
"Subway Surfers: Halloween" was the game's first version, released in October 2012. This was followed by "Subway Surfers: Holiday". World tour series started with "Subway Surfers World Tour: New York", which was released in January 2013 and followed by "Subway Surfers World Tour: Rio" releasing later in the same month. this is a best game for your computers. Users just need to update the app to change the World Tour version. The next edition of "Subway Surfers World Tour: Rome" was released in March 2013 and followed by "Subway Surfers World Tour: Sydney" in April. The latest version "Subway Surfers World Tour: Tokyo", released in May comes with the new Limited Edition "Harumi" character and "Fortune" board. 
Character Of Subway Surfers
in This Game Many Character but These 17 character are favorite of all time Jake ( character default)
Prince K
Zombie jeke
elf Tricky
Subway Surfers Pc Game Screenshot:
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Subway Surfers Game Pc Download
Subway Surfers Game Pc Keyword:
Subway Surfers Game Pc Free Download, Free Download subway Surfers Game Pc Rip, Subway Surfers, Subway Surfers Game Pc Skateboarding  
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Free Download Jurassic Park: Operation Genesis Pc Game Rip Full Version

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Jurassic Park: Operation Genesis System Requirement:
Os: Window 98/Me/2000/Xp/7/8
Processor:  400 Mhz Pentium III, Celeron Or AMD Athlon Processor
Memory: 128 Mb Of Ram
Space Hardisk: 700 Mb Hardisk Space+ 300 Mb For Window file
DirectX: 8.1c
Jurassic Park: Operation Genesis 16 MB 3D Accelerator (TNT2 or better) and DirextX 8.1-compatible driver
Jurassic Park: Operation Genesis DirectX 8.1-compatible sound card 
Jurassic Park: Operation Genesis Mouse and Keyboard
Jurassic Park:Operation Genesis Pc Game Information
Jurassic Park: Operation Genesis is a construction and management simulation video game for the PC, Xbox, and PlayStation 2 based on the novel and film series Jurassic Park. The main point of the game is to recreate Jurassic Park - building a 5 star theme park with dinosaurs, and turning John Hammond's dream into reality. In the park, the player builds paths, amenities for visitors such as, food and restrooms, as well as enclosures and attractions. One must also keep the park safe and secure. The park can be populated with up to sixty dinosaurs, with twenty-five different species available. The player can also add attractions similar to those seen in the film, such as the safari seen in the Jurassic Park film, and additional attractions like a balloon tour and several varieties of viewing platform.

GameplayThe player's main objective is simple: create a theme park/zoo featuring dinosaurs, make it popular, and make it safe. The gameplay functions are very similar to the SimCity and Tycoon game models. It is necessary to build feeding stations where herbivores can get bales of plant feed, while carnivores are fed live cows or goats. However, herbivores become unhappy if they don't have enough trees around them or enough nearby dinosaur friends to socialize with. Likewise, carnivores have an innate desire to hunt other dinosaurs, so even a constant stream of livestock will not keep them happy.

Players may also create dinosaurs; in order to create a dinosaur, a significant percentage of the particular dinosaur's DNA is needed. Fifty percent (50%) is needed in order to create a dinosaur; the higher the percentage of DNA, the longer that dinosaur will live unless it dies by means other than natural causes (which, in the game, is old age). To gain a dinosaur's DNA, the player must extract it through fossils or amber, higher quality specimens mean that more DNA is extracted.

The player may also dig for fossils using a fossil hunting team to dig in one of the nine dig sites positioned around the world to obtain DNA. There are various dig sites in which the player may search for fossils and each dig site contains fossils from three certain dinosaurs and some of the dinosaurs, like Brachiosaurus, are available in more than one dig site. The chance of finding fossils in the site depends on the quality of the site. There are 6 classifications on the quality of a dig site. These classifications are excellent, good, average, mediocre, poor, and exhausted (exhausted sites are not truly empty, as it is still possible to find fossils, amber and gems there, but findings happen rarely and the fossils and amber are often low quality). More dig teams can be purchased at increasing amounts of money. When a player's dig teams are excavating a site, they occasionally will come across various precious metals and stones which can be sold when collected and can help raise park funds.

Attractions help make the park popular, and increase its rating power and income when correctly configured. Attractions must be researched before they can be constructed, and include the Balloon Tour, Safari Adventure and Viewing Dome (The Viewing Vents and Viewing Platforms do not need to be researched.) The Safari Tour and Balloon Tour attractions also allow for the player to "take over" the ride for the purpose of park exploration and photography, but only when a person in the game is using it. The player may also observe the dinosaurs from the Viewing Dome, Viewing Vent, and Viewing Platform by selecting the "View" option after clicking on the building. 
Game features
The Game Building Garden with 5 Stars
The Game The Theme Of Dinosaurs
The Game There are facilities for meals and toilet.
 The Game Attractions and the stables.
The Game Tycoon games.
The Game The population to 60 dinosaurs.
The Game 25 different species of dinosaurs.
The Game Based on the films series and novels. 
The Game PC games.
 Download Jurassic Park:Operation genesis
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Friday, November 22, 2013

Free Download Game Battlefield 4 For Pc

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Best computer games / PC games for playing Download full version & free.Battlefield 4 is an upcomingshooter video game develop EA Digital Illusions CE & publish E.A. This game is sequel to 2011'sBattlefield 3 & 13th installment in Battlefield series. This game release 29 Oct, 2013 in N.A & Brazil, 31 Oct, 2013.         


Battlefield 4

Battlefield 4
System Requirement:::.:.:.::::....::
Os: Window Vista/7/8
Processor: 2.0 Ghz Dual Core Or Greater
Ram : 2 Gb
HDD: 20 Gb
Video Card: Directx 10.1 compatible with 512 of Ram
Sound Card : Directx 9.0 compatible   

Download Battlefield 4

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Cara Mendapatkan Top Level Domain (TLD) Unlimited Gratis

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banyak Orang Yang Bertanya tanya soal cara mendapatkan domain Gratis, nah saya sudah nemuin cara buat mendapatkan domain gratis  Langsung Saja Kita Ke TKP!!!!

Setelah sekian lama tidak ada kabar lagi untuk mendapat Top-Level Domain (TLD) secara gratis, akhirnya saya telah menemukan cara baru untuk mendapatkannya secara unlimited & tentunya gratis. Dan domain gratis tersebut didapat dari Intuit dan telah dipraktekkan untuk semua member di FH4A, hasilnya saya telah mendapatkan domain yang saya inginkan secara gratis. Cara ini dengan menggunakanCredit Card khusus untuk Intuit yang bisa order ratusan domain Intuit dalam satu Credit Card. Nah bagi kalian yang ingin mendapat domain .com .org .net .info .biz .name secara gratis seperti saya, silakan ikuti langkah-langkah berikut! 

1. Daftar Di sini untuk mendapatkan akunnya.

2. Jika sudah daftar, silakan Sign Out dari akun & biarkan akun tersebut selama 1 atau 2 hari lebih supaya akunnya tidak ditutup sama pihak Intuit(Kalau saya sampai 2 hari, biar lebih afdol)
3. Setelah sudah 1 atau 2 hari kemudian silakan Sign In kembali di Intuit, lalu klik "Choose a domain ( for your website".
4. Masukkan nama domain yang kalian inginkan.
4. Jika domain yang kalian inginkan tersedia klik "Get Domain".
5. Selanjutnya isi semua data seperti Nama, Email, Nomor HP, dll.

6. Berikutnya, jangan dicentang Domain Privacy, centang I agree to the Terms of Service dan Submit.

7 . Kemudian akan muncul halaman pop out yang tujuannya untuk meminta informasi dan alamat penagihan domain kalian (Domain yang kalian minta gratis, tapi untuk melindungi terhadap penipuan mereka membutuhkan informasi penagihan domain kalian.). Pada bagian Credit Card, masukkan Credit Cardkhususnya, silakan isi seperti di gambar!

8. Terakhir klik Purchase dan selamat Anda sudah mendapatkan Top-Level Domain (TLD) 1 tahun gratis!

9. Untuk mengatur Nameserver atau DNS nya silakan tunggu 24 jam sampai proses domain selesai.

10. Jika kalian mau order domain lagi cukup dihapus saja domain yang sebelumnya. (Domain tidak akan mati). Pastikan juga Nameserver atau DNS nya sudah diatur.

 11. Dan ulangi lagi seperti nomor 4, begitulah sampai seterusnya. Tidak perlu menunggu 1 atau 2 hari lagi.

Dengan satu akun kita bisa order domain sepuasnya. 
Ini Domain Yang Saya Buat Di Intuit :
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Free Download Iso Buster Pro 3.0

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Gallery Software ~ Download IsoBuster Pro 3.0 Full. Bertemu lagi bersama Gallery Software. Pada postingan freeanytime kali ini freeanytime akan membagikan sebuah software yang umumnya digunakan untuk CD atau DVD. IsoBuster Pro adalah software khusus untuk memecahkan masalah yang berkaitan dengan CD atau DVD. Beberapa keuntungan dari IsoBuster adalah kemampuannya untuk memulihkan semua data yang tersedia dalam CD atau DVD bukan alasan jika CD / DVD dilindungi atau bahkan kemampuan lainnya dapat membantu / menyelamatkan file yang hilang dari disk CD atau DVD buruk atau dibuang, menyimpan dokumen penting, gambar mulia, video dari keluarga, sistem backup hanya Anda.

IsoBuster tidak sedikit digunakan sebagai alat untuk meng-hack semua data dalam CD / DVD sebagai media untuk menulis ulang data dalam CD / DVD ke penyimpanan lain.
    • Kemampuan untuk membuat file image yang  dikelola (* IBP atau. *. Ibq)
    • Dibangun pada UDF Pembaca
    • Pembuatan file image (* IBP dan. *. Ibq, *. Iso, bin *,. *. Tao)
    • Memungkinkan Pemulihan data dari semua   format  CD , DVD dan Blu Ray (BD atau HD DVD)
    • Baca atau Ekstraksi dari sesi terbuka
    • Mendukung pemasangan sesi beberapa virtual trek di dalam + DVD tunggal RW atau DVD-RW
    • Memindai file berdasarkan signature file mereka dan banyak lagi.
IsoBuster Pro 3.3   

Minimum System Requirement

Os: Windows 2000, 2003, Xp/Vista/7/8
Optical Drive: ( CD/DVD) 


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Download Alcohol 120%+Serial Free

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Free Download Alcohol 120% - Looking for .ISO Burner? or you want to Mount .ISO Files? Maybe you need to Download Alcohol 120% Full, because this is a powerful Windows CDand DVD burning software that makes it easy to create backups of DVDs* and CDs. Additionaly, Alcohol 120% lets you store your most used CDs as images on your computer, and you can mount them on 1 of the 31 virtual drives just with single click.

What's inside Alcohol 120% ?

This burning software includes a Pre-Mastering function which lets you burn files directly from your hard drive, and supports Blu-ray format and HD DVD.Compatible with all Windows 32 and 64 bit operating systems up to Windows 7.

Alcohol Software brings new meaning to the word multimedia! It is without a doubt a leader in its class, bringing the ability to emulate and record CDs and DVDs together into one amazingly easy-to-use software program. Now includes Alcohol Xtra. A unique Pre-Mastering function. Alcohol 120% have been constantly improving and developing Alcohol 120% since 2002 allowing our team of developers to maintain it's top position as a leading software company.

Imagine being able to store your most used CD and DVD images on your hard drive, and then run them at up to 200 times faster than some CD drives and without requiring the disc itself.

How about being able to make a backup of that CD or DVD onto another disk, either using the CD or DVD itself or just using the image you have created? This is what Alcohol allows you to do and much more.
  • Up to 31 virtual drives with a single click of a button.
  • Supports the latest Blu-Ray format and HD DVD (Single and Dual Layer)
  • Alcohol 120% can mount virtually any image files created, even from other software.

No more wasted time, searching around the office for that missing CD or DVD, all the data you require is stored on your main file server, so it is available with a single click of a button no matter where you are.
  • Only Alcohol Soft offer free support 365 days a year with free lifetime software updates.
  • Alcohol 120% includes an iSCSI server that will allow you to share any drive over a network with other computers, share a CD or DVD Writer with another machine, it will even let you burn a disc just like it was on your local drive.
  • Load a CD or DVD on your file server and automatically access it from any machine on the network, which stops discs from getting scratched, damaged, broken, lost or even stolen. 
Alcohol 120% enables you to make an exact 1:1 duplicate to re-cordable media of nearly all your expensive game and software titles, and an image that can be mounted and run from any one of Alcohol's virtual drives.
  • Alcohol 120% can make backup copies of your copy protected games, then you can run them up to 200 times faster than having them load from your cd drive.
  • Going on holiday and have no room for all those discs? Take all your CD's and DVD'S with you stored on your hard drive and mount them directly to your virtual drive.
  • Your laptop battery will last much longer, as you do not need your CD or DVD drive spinning as your hard drive consumes less power than an optical drive.
Sekian Artikel Dari Saya. saya ucapkan terimakasih
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